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The level of service I received from Rick Underwood and Underwood Group was excellent.  The most important factors in choosing a mortgage professional would be #1: Integrity,  #2: Competitive Rates, #3: Knowledge/Professionalism #4: Service which are all important. Most of all, I was very satisfied with with the overall experience with Rick and his team. Rick was prompt and provided timely replies. He was always professional, timely and hard working. I would forward family and friends to him.

Samuel Bitter

When it comes to choosing a mortgage professional, knowledge and professionalism are very important. Rick and his team gave me excellent service and I was very satisfied with my overall experience dealing with Rick and Underwood Mortgage Group consultants. Recently, I reffered my clients over to Rick, and his team took great care of them. They "held their hands" throughout the loan process. Plus she loved him!! I will definitely recommend his services again.

Linda Weber

Rick Underwood and his team always kept in touch with me. They answered all my questions and was readily available. They provided us with excellent service and I am very satisfied with the overall experience. We chose to work with Rick and his team because of their knowledge and professionalism, that's why I would be willing to recommend them to my family members and friends!

Barbara Pierce

The Underwood Group got my loan done in less than 2 weeks, and closed when Chase was still disorganized after having all of my paperwork for over a month.

Dorothy Williams

Rick was exceptional at personal outreach, patience and friendliness.

Charlie Penders

Mike kept me informed at all times, and I was very satisfied with the level of service.

Joann Vonburger

The level of service I received from The Underwood Mortgage Group was excellent. For me, knowledge and professionalism is the most important factor in choosing a mortgage professional, and Rick fulfilled that role. He did everything for me, and i don't think he could do anything else to improve my overall experience. Rick was exceptional at paying attention to the details, and that is why I would be willing to recommend Rick and Underwood Mortgage to all of my family members and friends.

Stanley Haccou

The Underwood Mortgage Group provided excellent service. During my experience with Richard and his team, there is nothing they could do to improve or make the loan process experience any better. Throughout the process, they were exceptionally great at personal contact and updates.

Michelle Bradshaw

Rick made the process easy and understandable. He has a great knowledge of the business and is very professional.

Richard Hursh

Rick has great integrity and did everything he could to make a very difficult deal close.

Augustine Salgado

Mike updated us very well during the whole process, and we really appreciated that.

Jose Rosales

Rick got us a great loan despite all the difficulties with our short sale. We were very grateful for his company and their expertise.

Truc Mai May

I was a new homebuyer, and really appreciate that they took the time to explain EVERYTHING in detail.

Suzanne Nguyen

You were very patient to listen to my situation and help find the best solution. You listened and asked questions to help find a way to get me approved for the loan. Your team is great with customer service
and very professional.

Monica Lu

The most important thing was to have our loan close within a three-week period. You and your team gave us updates all along the way, and did a fabulous job!

Sarah VanTuinen

You helped us obtain the best credit score and qualify for an even better mortgage. That was awesome!

Robert Kim

You and your team continue to provide stellar customer service. Rick stays in touch with the trends in lending and refinancing which helped us get a great mortgage for our first home.

Prabhati Crosniel

You helped us tremendously and exceeded my expectations. I sincerely appreciate your hard work to get us the best loan and actually look forward to any future transactions.

Chris Gehring