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Adopt my Mortgage

You have better things to do than monitor your mortgage balance, interest rates, home values, etc. So, let us. Most homeowners fail to take advantage of market adjustments and dips in interest rates simply because they don’t know when the time is right to refinance. We do.

Quite simply, we have implemented a fancy program that allows us to track all of the necessary factors, and determine when the time is right for our clients to refinance and save money. In fact, our program has become such a big hit that we now offer our Adopt My Mortgage service to friends and family – whether we originated your current mortgage or not. And it’s easy.

Here are the benefits of our Adopt My Mortgage service:

  • When market conditions change in your favor and we can lower your rate to save you money on your monthly payment, we’ll notify you with the good news. And there’s never any obligation to do anything.
  • Also, every 90 days, we’ll email you an analysis of where your mortgage stands in regards to current market conditions.
  • We’ll also keep you up to date on critical mortgage-related information – things all homeowners need to know!

Enrolling in our Adopt My Mortgage service is as easy as filling out the form below. If you have any questions about this service, please call us at 714.779.LOAN or click here for some FAQ’s: