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VA Loans Can Be Easier Than You Think

Posted on August 7th, 2014 by Mike Cornelius

I have been in the financial world for 8 years now, and have come to realize that I like working on financial deals that others shy away from. I related it to marathon runners, triathletes or extreme sports athletes, of whom many that have been doing their sport simply because most others won’t. Then out of nowhere they find there is a love and a passion they would have never realized if not for the initial challenges of the extreme sport.

I love working on loans for our U.S. Veterans – also known as VA Loans. There are many intricacies that make them challenging on many levels but once you have done it for a while you master the details and can, in turn, help people with loans that most loan officers just set aside. VA loans have amazing rates, require $0 down and more often than not, at the end of the transaction, my clients receive a check back at the close of escrow. So far, every one of my VA clients has had their offers accepted by home owners.  And the last few have closed in as little as 17 days. And I have never missed a closing date on a VA loan.  So, I can surely say with all conviction that the VA stigmas are a thing of the past.

…… My latest undertaking is in the world of reverse mortgages. I had heard so many negative thoughts and opinions on the subject that I figured I better do some of my own research. Next week I will follow up with what I have found.  And NO, reverse mortgages are not the devil!


Mike Cornelius



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