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Yoga Test

Posted on August 5th, 2013 by Underwood Mortgage Group

Looking forward to returning to Purple Yoga on July 19th-21st! This time, I’ll be back for an amazing action packed weekend of Holistic Yoga Flow.

Holistic Yoga Flow is a dynamic blend of power vinyasa, kirtan, ayurveda, philosophy, pranayama, meditation and diet/lifestyle. It is rooted within the ancient tradition of yoga but well adapted to our modern day, contemporary yoga scene.

The full 30 hour course (Practicums and Master Classes) is perfect for current teachers wishing to take their teaching to the next level or for students who wish to deepen their practice and understanding of yoga. We move through multiple practicums exploring creative sequencing, multi-dimensional layers of a yoga pose, hands on adjustments, the power of mantra, philosophy for inspired daily living and much, much more! These sessions will be workshop style with discussion and journaling.

The other option is to enjoy the Master Classes à la carte style. Feel free to take just one or all the classes. Each Master Class will focus on a theme such as Detox, Vitality, Strength or Stillness. Although challenging these sessions are generally accessible to everybody. So whether you are looking to sweat bullets or looking for refreshing practice to dive inward we have multiple options to choose from.

It has been a great pleasure traveling the globe sharing the teachings of Holistic Yoga Flow and look forward to connecting soon. Whether you sign up for the whole course or just drop in for a Master Class I’m sure you will experience transformation, clarity, and balance. See YOU on the mat!
-Travis Eliot

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