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Posted on August 7th, 2013 by Underwood Mortgage Group

Good day to you all!

Hopefully you’ve all made your way to the finish line feeling much better than you did when you started your Challenge! We want to know from you how it went, where it took you, and what you plan to do next? Did your challenge inspire something new within you?

One of your fellow Challengers’ Kelly Marchand shared her bright energy and experience that she said has been regenerating throughout the challenge… so I asked her to share her experience with you all.  Her take goes a little something like this:

The 30 day Yoga Challenge is making me glow! The asanas are reuniting me with my body, the meditation is awakening my mind, and the fundraising for “All the Arts For All the Kids” is warming my spirit. I’m so blessed & grateful to be bathing in this beautiful light. Thank you, Purple Yoga!” -K.M.

I can attest to that glow she speaks of, which is why I asked her to write a little blip. That said, please share your experiences with us. Enquiring minds want to know. Maybe your story will help someone continue to challenge themselves further, or it may inspire someone to try harder. Whatever your experience, we hope that you enjoyed each practice, and that it brought you closer to your peace of mind, body and spirit.

We thank you for taking this journey with us. We are certain that the children who are benefitting from your fundraising efforts will be grateful, and we look forward to seeing you in our Master Classes led by our director Joe Vogt this weekend.

Important details to remember:

  • Extension – Thursday May 16th – all funds are due. (To be considered for a prize)
  • Saturday May 18th @ 5pm -7pm – Master Class for all Fullerton & Tustin Participants (@ Tustin Studio)
  • Sunday May 19th @ 10:30am – 12:30pm – Master Class for all Long Beach Participants

We look forward to seeing you all. If you have any questions please direct them to:

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